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A Guide to Updating Bend Trails

We’ve gotten a few emails from folks asking us how to update trail reports on the website. After emailing some instructions, it seemed like a better idea to write a quick post about it.

If you have suggestions about the site, or run into trouble, drop us an email.

The images below are from the desktop version, but phones work pretty much the same.

To Change the Trail Report

Update Bend Trail Report

Use the pull down menu to update the trail status. Once saved it will update site-wide.

Step 1: Create an Account

Click Join in the main menu. Already have an account? Skip to Step 4 below.

Step 2: Check Your Email, Click the Link

The site will generate a one-time link which will allow you to pick a password. If you lose your password, the process is basically the same, just click the ‘Lost your password?’ link.

Step 3: Pick a Password

Not ‘1234’ or ‘StarWars’. Make it hard to guess. Different from your bank account.

Optional: Customize Your Profile Photo

You can add an optional avatar to your profile by setting up an account at Gravatar is a universal avatar format which works on nearly all websites.

Step 4: Log In to BendTrails

You’ll find a Log In link in the main menu. Boom. You’re in!

Step 5: Find the Trail You’d Like to Update

From the main trail list or the Bend trail map. Whatever you prefer.

Step 6: Use the Status Drop Down, and Hit Update

On desktop computers and tablets, you’ll find it in the upper right Trail Snapshot. On phones, the menu is probably near the bottom of the first screen. We log the timestamp and your username but don’t display them to the public.

To Leave a Comment

Bend Trail User Reports

Once you’ve registered and logged in you can start or add to a threaded discussion about a trail (or a blog post). Newest comments always appear at the top.

Step 1: Log In as Noted Above

Scroll down. Discussions are on the bottom of the page.

Step 2: To Post a New Comment

Just type in the text field and hit Post Comment. Kerpow.

Optional: Replying to a Comment

If you want to have a threaded discussion or reply to a specific point, just hit Reply and your comment will be attached like the illustration above.

Optional: Set-up Your Profile Photo

Visit the Gravatar website and follow their instructions to set-up a universal WordPress avatar.

The newest comments appear at the top and older comments follow. Click the reply button to add a comment to a thread.

  1. Marty Dawson says:

    Swamp Wells up from China Hat rd down Coyote Loop. Nice conditions due to the recent rain. No trees down.

  2. Scott Fairbanks says:

    Any plans to add Crooked River Ranch?

    1. Yep. I saw Mark’s article the other day. We’ll add these trails to the site when track down some GPX data. It looks like an interesting place to ride.

  3. Larry Reitz says:

    I scouted Bens, Kents, and Phils from the Phil’s TH yesterday. Not ready yet (much too soft) & turned back on each, but encountered other riders who I believe continued on. With the rain today I cannot see how they will be ready anytime soon, though I cannot speak for fat-bikes,,,,that might be OK. Would love to see people stop loving these trails to death.

  4. Steven Blondeau says:

    This area should be closed to bikes part of the year. Letting trails rest is necessary. Life isn’t constant stoke, it’s ebb and flow. It’s asinine to not understand these trails aren’t mean’t to be all season. Grrrr…

  5. Brian Jones says:

    To all Phil’s riders,

    Thank you for all the riders that took advantage of the great temperatures last week and really messed up the trails… majorly. If you were locals, shame on you!!! You should know better… But apparently that doesn’t seem to be the case. If trails rut out after a some minutes of riding turn around or ride the logging roads. But thanks to your desire to continue riding, with the conditions that prevailed, the trails went to hell in a hand basket to put it mildly. Great idea to ride around soft spots till the trail is worthy of a 4 wheeler trail….

    Enough said, you know who you are… Be smart with our trails, do you want single track or do you want a road… The trails are sensitive and will be difficult to repair. Thank you COTA in advance for what you will need to do this coming season… This is more than disappointing….

    Use common sense….

  6. Joel Blatt says:

    This is great and thank you. Perhaps, send an email blast to encourage usage/adoption?

    1. Good Call Joel. In March, folks who update the site could win some sweet prizes from our BendTrails Sponsors. More on that soon…

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