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Funner & Tiddlywinks Loop

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11.0 miles
1,275' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Funner & Tiddlywinks Loop

This short loop is just under 11 miles long and is ridden counter-clockwise. Since the total climb is only 1,200′ it makes for a nice quick “after work lap” when you’ve only got an hour or so.

There are several access points, but I like to start at the Green Gate and climb the Funner up-route to Wanoga Sno Park, then take Tiddlywinks back down.

The Funner up-route is a great way to get to Wanoga since there are only a few places on the climb where you might encounter descending riders. Keep and eye out for signs which indicates the direction of riding — downhill segments are clearly marked with “one way, do not enter” signs.

Once you get to Wanoga, cross the parking lot and take the Tiddlywinks trail back down to the Green Gate. While it includes quite a bit of XC style climbing in the first third, Tiddlywinks is loaded with fast, flowy sections and has lots of jumps and berms once you start to go downhill. Keep an eye out for climbers (!) because there are several sections which are two way — and unfamiliar riders won’t expect fast descenders (and you’ll be going fast). Also, some of the jumps are pretty big and are NOT table tops — so don’t just “send it” unless you know where you need to land. If it’s your first ride on Twinks, or even if it’s your first ride of the season, a “track-walk” is a good idea because the trail changes every spring.

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    1. calvincheng919@gmail.com says:

      Fasten your seatbelts.

    2. Mike Richardson says:

      How would Tiddlywinks compare to anything at Bachelor? I’ve only ridden Bachelor.

    3. Jason Wiener says:

      The Tiddly descent it super tacky and fastAF. SO SO SO good.

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