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Storm King » Funner » Tyler’s Loop

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20.8 miles
2,242' ↑

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Trail Description

 E-bikes NOT allowed on Storm King » Funner » Tyler’s Loop

This loop is just under 21 miles long and is ridden counter-clockwise. With multiple trailhead access points, you can choose to climb first, or descend first (personally, I like to get the 2,200′ of climbing out of the way, so I start and end my rides at the Tyler’s trailhead).

The route includes some of the best trails in the Wanoga network: Tyler’s Traverse, Catch and Release, Lower Storm King, the Funner Uproute and Kiwa Butte.

Starting at Tyler’s TH on RD 41 you’ll traverse North on Catch and Release which is an easy ‘green’ trail and will connect with Lower Storm King after about 2 miles. When you hit Storm King you’ll hang a left and climb 4 miles to the Funner junction. Storm King is a pretty gradual XC climb with no real technical features to speak of (it’s rated blue, but should probably be a ‘green’ trail).

When you get to the Funner/Twinks junction you’ll take the Funner up-route which is a great way to get to Wanoga since there are only a few places on the climb where you might encounter descending riders. Keep an eye out for signs which indicates the direction of riding — downhill segments are clearly marked with “one way, do not enter” signs.

Once you get to Wanoga, cross the parking lot and take the Tiddlywinks trail to Kiwa Butte intersection where you’ll hang a right towards Tyler’s Traverse. Kiwa is a fun and fast trail with just a little bit of climbing, and you’ll rarely encounter two-way traffic on it.

The last junction on the route is Tyler’s Traverse. One of the best downhill trails in Bend — it’s 100% one-way — Tyler’s is all speed and flow once you crest the ridge and start to descend. The main hazards are going to be soft, sandy corners and deep braking bumps. If you like your trails a little more spicy and are comfortable with double-black level drops and jumps, check out the alternate line on Lone Wolf — it’s a slower way to descend Tyler’s but speed isn’t everything!

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