Alpine Trail Shuttle in Oakridge with Westfir Lodge


The Alpine Trail is one of the best trails you might ever ride…. yup we said it. There is so much flow on this trail, the forest is so magical and the ride is so long. You will get to the bottom and wonder if it was all real. Highlights of this ride are the Bunch-grass meadows and the Jedi section of the trail. There is quite a bit of climbing despite the fact that this ride is a shuttle so make sure you bring adequate food, water and tools as you would for any long ride. The classic Oakridge mountain bike experience, best for intermediate and advanced riders. Ride 14 miles of single-track from the top of Alpine to Westfir. (1450ft of climbing, 4000ft of descending). Add on Tire Mountain Trail and Clover-patch Trail (ATCA): 24 miles (3500ft ascent / 7900ft descending)